Disaster Recovery is a new area of business for software companies. Disaster Recovery is a low cost, automatic and secure solution that will protect the mission critical files of your applications that reside in your clients' installations.


Thanks to Gemelo Storage Solutions, software companies now have the possibility of offering their products with the guarantee of "Disaster Recovery" at reasonable prices. This until recently would only have been possible with a large investment in IT infrastructure and personnel.




Promisys, a developer of management software for small and medium sized businesses decided to integrate Disaster Recovery into their "Empresario" software solution.
Gemelo Storage Solutions adapted Gemelo Backup OnlineŽ with the look and feel that corresponded to our customers software, and Promisys in turn created a new product called "Empresario Seguro" www.empresarioseguro.com.br , which incorporated Gemelo´s solution to automatically backup(s) up "Empresario Seguro" database to a secure offsite location.


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